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59,00 EUR*
Details Islamic Banking & Finance: Islamic Banking across World and Australia

Islamic Banking & Finance Islamic banking and finance is a fast growing industry which is developing persistently and has been competitive to achieve and maintain its growth momentum even in the time of great recession. Islamic banking and finance ...

12,72 EUR*
Details Banks and Banking (World Economy Explained)

Banks and Banking Explains the functions and history of world banking systems and their involvement with the 2007 credit crunch. Full description

52,49 EUR*
Details Career Guidebook for It in Retail Banking: A Definitive Guide to a Career in Retail Banking It (Bizle Professional)

"Career Guidebook for IT in Retail Banking" is a complete handbook that provides a guideline to careers in Retail Banking IT. The idea behind the publication is to introduce IT professionals to the career paths in this sector of the financial services ...